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Frequently asked questions

In this page we will try to answer common usage/admin questions that users face daily.

General questions

I can't remember my password. How can I reset it?

On the login form you will see two links under the username/password textboxes, you have to click on the Have you forgotten your password? link. You will be redirected to a form where you must provide your username (your email), after clicking on the I forgot my password button, you will receive a message with instructions to reset your password
Once your password is updated you also need to change your shell client password. To do so, open a command line terminal and move inside the shell client folder, then type the following command:

   $ . start-rep-shell -t update_password
   Shell client utilities
   Enter your new password:
   Enter new password again:
   Password has been changed

I have installed the ioChem-BD platform but I have forgot my admin username. How can I create a new administrator account?

If you forgot your username you can create a new administrator account. To do so, you must have access to the ioChem-BD installation folder and move to the browse/bin subfolder. In this path, type the following command and follow the instructions.

   $ cd browse/bin
   $ ./dspace create-administrator
   Creating an initial administrator account
   E-mail address: malvarez.admin@iciq.es
   First name: Moises
   Last name: Alvarez
   Password will not display on screen.
   Again to confirm: 
   Is the above data correct? (y or n): y
   Administrator account created

Your admin user will then be generated and you will be able to login.

Create module questions

Calculation publication fails with message ' There has been an error retrieving Browse collection structure... '

This will usually happen the first time that we try to publish our calculation in the ioChem-BD system. When this message appears

No community assigned to user error

it is warning that our user account has no community defined on the Browse module to publish to. You have to contact your ioChem-BD administrator and ask him/her:

  1. to generate a community where to publish your calculations (if its not already created)
  2. and add your user to an existing community as administator.