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We must backup at least ioChem-BD databases and the assetstore folders to be able to restore our system in case of data loss or corruption.
The first one contains all data information and relations, and the latter contain the uploaded calculation files. We can code an script and crontab it every Sunday night, for example, to backup such fields into a backup destination folder. Here is a sample script that dumps and zips such information, so then we can crontab it

   BACKUP_FOLDER=/home/iochembd/backup     # <-- Set your backup folder here
   IOCHEM_FOLDER=/home/iochembd/iochembd   # <-- Set your ioChem-BD installation folder here
   # Dump PostgreSQL databases, we must provide user password to allow dump to work properly, so please restrict script file rights to 700
   export PGUSER=iochembd
   export PGPASSWORD=                      # <-- Set iochembd database user password
   pg_dump --inserts -h -f $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemCreate.sql "iochemCreate"
   pg_dump --inserts -h -f $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemCreateChemaxon.sql "iochemCreateChemaxon"
   pg_dump --inserts -h -f $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemBrowse.sql "iochemBrowse"
   unset PGUSER
   #Zip database
   gzip $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemCreate.sql
   gzip $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemCreateChemaxon.sql
   gzip $BACKUP_FOLDER/dump_iochemBrowse.sql
   #Zip entire Create assetstore folder: $IOCHEM_FOLDER/create/assetstore
   #sufix will alternate values 0,1... each week
   sufix=$[`date +%e`/7%2]
   tar -C $IOCHEM_FOLDER/create -zcf $BACKUP_FOLDER/create_week$sufix.tar.gz assetstore
   #Zip entire Browse assetstore folder: $IOCHEM_FOLDER/create/assetstore
   tar -C $IOCHEM_FOLDER/browse -zcf $BACKUP_FOLDER/browse_week$sufix.tar.gz assetstore